Photo Gallery

Full Size Professional Sand Riding Arena 20 X 60 m

Life on McDonalds Farm

Down by the creek

Feed time with the old boy Buck

Chief helping with the farm jobs

Buck enjoying a hose in the washbay

Buck having a roll in the arena after his bath

Indi getting new shoes

All the kids spoiling my old boy Buck

Alannah with my boys Buck & Indi

Buck at McDonalds Farm Agistment

Mt Macedon Pub Ride

Life on the farm

Sunset at McDonalds Farm

McDonalds Farm our view

Alannah & Cheif

 Round yard, & Barn_opt

 The back paddock Dam

The 60 acre communal paddock dam

What a great place to live !

Our horses enjoying life on the farm.

Having a ride on the old boy Buck.

Having a ride on the old boy Buck.

Professional Sand Riding Arena

Large 20m Round Yard

1 Acre Private Paddock Overview

Private Paddock Shelters with Tack & Feed Storage Room

Shelter Internal

Overview of Facilities

60 Acre Communal Paddock Excellent Feed All Year Round

Communal Paddock Natural Environment For Horses

My 35 yo Boy Buck @ McDonalds Farm

My Young Boy Indi @ McDonalds Farm

Buck & Chief as a puppy @ McDonalds Farm

Our Puppy Chief

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