Terms & Conditions

McDonalds Farm Agistment, its owners and managers shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused to any person, property or things whatsoever, even though such loss may result from negligence of McDonalds Farm Agistment. Riding on McDonalds Farm Agistment is at the riders own risk, McDonalds Farm Agistment, its owners and managers shall not be liable for any injuries caused to agistees while riding on McDonalds Farm Agistment.

  • Riders must wear helmets / hard hats (must comply with ASNZS3838/03); failure to do so is at your own risk.
  • Riding instructors that are invited by agistees must have their own insurance, McDonalds Farm Agistment is not liable for any injuries caused to instructors;
  • All visitors of agistees enter the property at their own risk, it is the responsibility of the agistee to make their visitors aware of the rules and conditions of McDonalds Farm Agistment.

Horse Welfare

It is the responsibility of the agistee to insure that their horse’s welfare is maintained in accordance with the Code of accepted practice for welfare of horses. The Code of practice is intended to provide an outline of principles of husbandry and management that most affect the welfare of horses.

  • Readily accessible food and water to maintain health and vigour;
  • Freedom of movement to stand, stretch and lie down
  • Regular exercise
  • Social contact with other horses and people
  • Protection from disease, and regular inspections to assess the need for attention to feet, teeth and parasite control
  • Rapid identification and treatment of lice, injury and disease
  • Regular worming and vaccinations
  • All horses must be wormed prior to entry onto the farm
  • Vaccinations for tetanus & strangles must be currant

The owners of McDonalds Farm Agistment are not liable for any injuries your horse may sustain while agisted on McDonalds Farm Agistment.


Facilities must be looked after by agistees, if you fail to comply with the below conditions you may be asked not to use the facilities.

  • Horse manure must be picked up from round yard & riding area after each use
  • If there is more than 1 person at a time wanting to use facilities then a maximum of half an hr per person applies
  • Any damage to facilities must be reported immediately
  • No rubbish is to be left on property, all rubbish must be taken with you
  • Please respect our privacy if using the facilities at the front of the property for riding or training
  • The facilities are for riding and training only, not to be used as feeding yard or holding pen, unless otherwise arranged. The corrals in the communal paddock or your private paddocks are for these purposes, please advise your farrier, dentist, and vet ECT to attend to your horses there


All agistment is to be paid for in advance, agistment is due on the 1st of each month. Agistment can be paid by bank transfer or cash. Failure to pay your agistment will result in either one of the following:

  • Friendly reminder that your agistment is overdue (24 hours over due);
  • If Agistment is still not paid after reminder then a warning will be issued to either pay up or remove the horse from McDonalds Farm Agistment;
  • If after 2 weeks the agistment is not paid up and the horse is still on the property a Horse Agistment Lien will be issued. A Horse Agistment Lien is when the agistor takes legal possession of the horse until payment is made. If no payment is made within 28 days from the date the lien is issued the agistor can sell the horse to recoup any agistment fees and other costs at a public auction or by public tender.
  • All agistment is to be paid for 2 months in advance. There will be no refund of agistment if you choose to move your horse from the property prior to the end of the month that agistment is paid up too. Choosing to do this means forfeiting your remaining agistment as well as your paddock. A minimum of 1 months notice is required.
  • If moving in half way through a month then 6 weeks agistment will be required.  Agistment will then be due on the 1 st of the following month. Agistment will then become 2 months in advance.
  • Available postions/paddocks are not secured until payment has been received.
  • Once an agistee has decided to take a position at McDonalds Farm Agistment & has made payment to secure their position, agistment starts from this time. Regardless of when horses are moved onto the property or the position/paddock is required. We DO NOT hold that payment until you are ready. The paddock/ position becomes yours & no further enquires or inspections are taken to fill the vaccany from this point.

Other Conditions

  • Entry by agistees to farm via Spotiswood Road entries only.
  • Please DO NOT use our private driveway.
  • Maximum of 2 horses only per private paddock.
  • Private paddocks must be fully cleaned of manure on a weekly basis at a minimum. Paddocks are inspected at the end of each week & if cleaning is not being maintained your paddock will be cleaned automatically & you will be charged for the service.
  • Private & communal paddock rates include use of facilities regardless.
  • Private paddock agistees are offered an additional 7 acre grazing paddock to use at there convenience.
  • All agistees are welcome to use the entire property for riding
  • Gates must be closed at all times. Please make sure gates are locked prior to leaving.
  • Please do not feed other agistees horses unless you have permission from the owner.
  • Please do not discard any leftover feed into the paddock.
  • Business hours are between 9am & 5pm Mon to Fri. Please do not disturb us outside of these times with the exception of emergencies or by prior arrangement.
  • A minimum of 1 months notice is required prior to leaving. This means you may move your horse at anytime but you will be forfeiting your remaining agistment if you choose to do so.
  • This allows us time to advertise & fill vacancies.
  • Available positions in any of our paddocks are not secured until payment is received.
  • The owners and management of McDonalds Farm Agistment have the right to modify these rules and conditions at any time.

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