Round Bale Bags

We also supply for monthly hire our round bale bags. These bags fit neatly over your roundies & not only save 25% plus on bale wastage but also protect the bale from rain, mud, wee & poo. They are breathable, safe & collapse down with the bale as the horse eats. Charged at a flat monthly fee of $10.00. This means each new month occurs the $10.00 charge.

Farrier / Vet / Horse Dentist

Moving your horse to a new agistment facility sometimes means you need to change your regular farrier, vet or dentist. We are quite happy to give all new agistee’s our regular contacts for these services.

Other Services

We no longer provide feeding & paddock cleaning services. We do however have a contact that we are happy to pass onto any agistee’s to arrange services as needed. This is arranged completley separately to our agistment.


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