Agistment & Facilities

PRIVATE PADDOCK     1 Horse                               $170 per month

PRIVATE PADDOCK     2 Horses (Maximum)   $240 per month

Private Paddock Shelters with Tack & Feed Storage Room








  • 1 Acre Private Paddocks
  • Shelter with Tack & Feed Room
  • Auto Water Trough
  • Double Electric Fencing
  • Additional 7 Acre Grazing Paddock
  • Full Size Professional Sand Arena
  • Large 20m Round Yard
  • Washbay
  • Private Entry
  • Float & Car Parking Area

Our private paddocks have been constructed with quality products, safety being a top priority. We also offer all private paddock agistees an additional 7 acre grazing paddock for their horses at no extra cost to use at their convenience.  As well as the full size sand arena & round yard there is plenty of additional areas to exercise your horses. The entire property is available for agistees to ride, taking a ride down the creek through the back paddock of the property is always a nice venture. We also supply some wheel barrows & pooper scoopers for your convenience.

COMMUNAL PADDOCK                                  $100 per month

Communal Paddock Overview








  • 60 Acres of Good Grazing Land
  • Secure Location
  • Minimum Feeding Required
  • Use of Communal Corrals & Yard
  • Electric Fencing
  • Regular Harrowing
  • Full Size Professional Sand Arena
  • Large Round Yard
  • Washbay
  • Private Entry
  • Float & Car Parking Area

Our communal paddock is a fabulous haven for horses with good pastures, minimal hand feeding required depending on time of the year, saving you a packet in hard feed & hay. We are not in the practise of over stocking our paddock & regular harrowing in undertaken to maintain good health of the land. We have constructed a yard with corrals for your convenience for grooming, saddling, car parking, float storage or whatever purpose you please. With plenty of natural shelter, water & full electric fencing your horse will be in a safe & happy environment. Great for retiree’s, spelling horses or for that horse who likes room to move.

10 Acre Share Paddock                                                          $130 per month

Our 10 acre share paddock is located close to our private paddocks & facilites. Suitable for those agistees who want to use the facilities on a regular basis but dont want the extra maintainance & feeding that comes along with a private paddock or find that 60 acres is just too big. We cap this paddock out at a maximum of 4 horses. It has natural shelter, auto water & good grazing. This includes the use of all of our facilities as well as the use of the float & car parking area. We take care of the paddock maintaince for you.

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